Valencia and Barcelona Were Both Fun But I Preferred Valencia

Top Things I Did In Valencia

  1. The tapas in Valencia and Barcelona are amazing. I ate at so many great seafood places that I burnt myself out on Paella for awhile after.
  2. My brother came later in the month to visit me which was a blast. He was robbed in Madrid though but chased down the 3 girls and got all his stuff back.
  3. The Jardí del Túria had many great bike paths and unique things to see. I spent a great amount of time exploring it.
  4. They had a Mexican taco place called Taqueria La LLorona that had some of the best food that I had in Spain.
  5. The architecture in Spain in general is absolutely stunning. We saw many great buildings, statues and churches. The best by far is Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Opera Valencia). I could not believe how big of a structure it is and the amount of water around it. Pictures do not do it Justice. A must see.
  6. The Gulliver’s Travels park was quite shocking to see. At first I thought it was just a slide park and then realized the slides are built on Gulliver laying down.
  7. The beach in Valencia is absolutely massive. I could not belief how far and wide the sand was. I would love to go back in the summer when it is much warmer.
  8. The Sand Castle sculptures that they built there were so detailed. Must have taken weeks to build.
  9. We rented a BMW 320d and drove it to Barcelona, Spain. The views from a long the way were absolutely stunning.

Top Things I Did in Barcelona

  1. Saw FC Barcelona play Málaga CF. The game ended in a tie 0-0 and Messi & Saurez didn’t even play. At Least I was able to watch Neymar play. One of the coolest stadiums I have been to.
  2. Went out to a pretty cool nightclub that was 3 stories and had a large stage. Really fun until the next day when Montrey, Fico, and Danny realized Montrey’s acquaintance had their passports. She never ended up returning them.
  3. We went to see The Sagrada Famila and I didn’t take any pictures because I need more church pictures like I need a hole in the head.
  4. Montrey insisted on riding the Ferris Wheel at Tibidabo Amusement Park which turned out to be awesome.
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