Mexico City is one of my favorite and most surprising cities that I lived in on the trip. I have taken many trips to the beach towns like Cabo, Rosarito, and Ensenada but have never really spent time in the city in Mexico. I was blown away at how much I loved it and here are a few reasons why.

Reasons I love Mexico City

  1. Before I set out on my trip my goal was to find the best taco place in Mexico City and I did. The taco stand I found is called El Padrino, Los De Aguja Norteña. “The Lady” as we called her, made the best campenchano tacos I have ever had. A campechano taco consist of cecina de res (thinly sliced, salted beef), crunchy chicharrón, and longaniza (spicy pork sausage), with salsa morita, caramelized onions, and lime on the side.”The Lady” had this green sauce which we kept calling guacamole and “The Lady” found this funny but it was definitely not guacamole. It was a blend of different habanero peppers and was the hottest / best tasting hot sauce I have ever had. It would burn your mouth for 45 The Lady With Rhondaminutes. “The Lady” kept getting mad at her son because he was not putting on enough “guacamole” on his tacos and us stupid gringos kept on burning our mouths off
  2. The nightlife in Mexico City is pretty intense. The bars and clubs are open almost all night and there is a constant flow of people on the streets especially Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. Lucha Libre… Mexican Wrestling is fantastic. The outfits they wear are unbelievable and the energy from the crowd is insane. We all went out before and bought Lucha Libre wrestling masks and wore them to match. I figured we would be some of the only people wearing the mask but I was wrong. There was a little boy sitting in front of us during the match with his mom so half way through I decided to give him my mask. He was thrilled.
  4. Lucha Libre MasksThe people in Mexico city were so welcoming and accommodating. We had a great city manager name Paulina for our group and she organized some pretty epic events for our group. I think our most memorable was the boat ride with a mariachi band down the canals in Xochimilco. (see picture below)
  5. The music in Mexico City is great. Every city we visited before was playing the same American music that we listened to in the United States. I loved Mexico City because they did not play any of our music at all and had their own culture and style. Which is refreshing because I didn’t have to listen to Justin Bieber – Sorry for the nine millionth time.

Mexico City Pictures

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