Top 10 Things I Did In Lima Peru

  1. Played tons of Halo with Gamble, Montrey, and Bryan.
  2. Went to Central (Number 5 Restaurant in the World). We had a 17 Course Meal with Wine Pairing and It Was One of the Best Meals I Have Ever Had.
  3. Went to Maido (Number 8 Restaurant in the World). I Think Maido is Better Than Central. Japanese Food is my Thing.
  4. Dhivya Cooked Us Indian Food and Braided Chase’s Hair and on The Walk Home Chase and I Had Sexual Slurs Yelled At Us. We Laughed Pretty Hard.
  5. Hiked the Classic Inca Trail With (26 Miles) with 10 of My Best Friends on Remote Year. ( )
  6. Stayed in Cusco and Absolutely Loved the Food, Culture and the People. So Much Less Crowded and Busy than Lima.
  7. Watched the Famous Skateboarding Dog in Mira Flores.
  8. I ate Llomo Saltado almost Every Day and Absolutely Loved It.
  9. Ate at Panchita and Had the Best Tallarin Saltado I have Ever Had.
  10. I Saw Sublime With Rome in a Small Venue and They Absolutely Killed It. Alex Went With Me and We Saw Jenna and Aline Our Program Managers There.
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