My Most Challenging Month So Far

Rabat was quite the culture shock for me. I have never been in a predominantly Muslim country and it was eye opening.

Things I liked About Rabat

  1. The food was very good. I ate so many different tagine’s in rabat by the end of the month I was ready for some tacos. That being said I would definitely get a chicken tagine right now.
  2. I lived by the beach which made me feel like home. My place in Rabat was excellent because it had a large room with a living room, 3 beds and a bathroom. The Airbnb Owners were also really nice and into reggae so that was a plus.
  3. My bed did not actually suck this month which was shocking because I have had shitty beds for 4 or the 6 months on the trip so far.
  4. Quality leather goods in Rabat are extremely affordable.
  5. The Medina (shopping center) had all kinds of cool things to buy there that are very unique to Rabat.
  6. We saw Mandy Pankins (Saul Berenson) filming Homeland in the Medina.
  7. Hookahs were extremely cheap ($15 for a Quality One) and the tobacco ($1.50) was some of the best I have ever had in terms of Shisha Tobacco.
  8. I tried pig brains for dinner at DinarJat. Didn’t really like them but I was proud of myself for trying it.
  9. I saved a lady from drowning to death on the beach. She and her family were so thankful.

Things I Did not Like About Rabat

  1. It was tough to find food that you felt comfortable eating without the fear of getting sick. Many of my fellow remotes and I got very sick during our stay.
  2. I really wanted to hike Mount Toubkal (Tallest Mountain in North Africa) but was to sick to attempt the climb.
  3. I did not like that women were treated so poorly in Rabat. It was always weird walking around and only seeing predominantly men out and about.
  4. Lastly I was robbed by a man with a machete right outside my house. He was walking down the middle of the street at 4:00 in the afternoon. There were tons of people out on the street which made the robbery even more unbelievable. Aggie and I were waiting on the sidewalk for a Careem (Taxi App) and he cut toward us sharply as he got closer. It looked like he was playing with himself which pissed me off and made me feel really weird at the same time. He wasn’t playing with himself, he was trying to get his machete out of his pants. Which he did and then swung it at me and started yelling at me in French which I didn’t understand. He then hit me with the flat part of the machete twice and at that point I offered up my phone which he took. A moped then pulled up right behind us with another man who was driving. The thief then took off and jumped on the back of it and took off. Everyone on the street couldn’t believe what just happened. Luckily no on got hurt and luckily he did not go after Aggie. I have since forgiven that man which relieved me of a burden of fear and anger. I had forgotten how powerful forgiveness is and it has taught me an important lesson.


The Lady I Saved in Rabat

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