I still cannot believe the beautiful jungle landscape that covered Medellín. It was one of the most green and unexpected places that I visited. The weather there is perpetually 80 °F year round (26 °C) and rains a lot but mostly during the night which is excellent because everyday that happens you get a beautiful clear day the next day. The food that I ate in Medellín was very good and everything there was very affordable. Our dollar goes a long way there which I was grateful for. As far as safety goes it was very safe in Pablado where my group was staying. There are some parts outside of the city that our guides said definitely to avoid. All in All I will definitely go back and visit the new friends I made there and I cannot wait to go back to Hanami again and drink a Limonada De Coco.

Top 11 Things I Did While in Medellín

  1. Met our awesome city manager Juan Esteban Martínez and became great friends. He went by the name Juanes and I thought it was because it was plural because he was doing the work of two people. You can see his picture below and he is on horse. He one badass dude, bro, man.
  2. Ate at Hanami 15 times because I love Teppanyaki so much and it was very affordable. 15 Dollars per person for Lobster, Shrimp, Filet Mignon, Octopus, and Friend Rice.
  3. Played in a Tejo League every week and had some of the most fun I had on the trip. See the picture of Aggie and I on the Tejo Court Below.
  4. Went to a Finca Party with Danny and some friends and it was amazing. I met a ton of new people and learned a lot of new things.
  5. Aggie Flew from the UK to come and visit and we had an amazing time seeing the city, playing tejo, traveling around to new places, and visiting Parque Arví.
  6. Aggie I did the extreme park at Parque Arví which I thought was just a zip line course but turned out to be American Gladiator style obstacles suspended high off of the ground. I am afraid of heights so I will not ever be doing that ever again. Most afraid I have ever been in my life.
  7. Was the designated friend hanger out person when Alex Pomeranets’ childhood friend Roman came into town. Roman and I explored tons of food places, rooftop bars, and tried way to many different beers.
  8. Jimmy came out and thought he was going to Medellín but instead I took him and Aggie to Guatapé to visit El Peñón de Guatapé. Which is a large rock in Guatapé.
  9. Jimmy and I went to Barranquilla for Carnival which was absolutely amazing. Jimmy had been to Carnival in Rio before and said Barranquilla was way better.
  10. Jimmy and I stayed a few nights in Cartagena and Jimmy bet a guy on the street for a lower price on a Jersey he wanted and lost ended up paying full pop.
  11.  Went to Our Going Away Finca Party with all of the remote year people and had a blast at the pool party. We had 2 Live bands, several DJ’s, a comedy roast, slackline, barbeque and we even had transportation provided for us. Definitely one of the best parties we had on remote year.

Video that Aggie Made from Her Trip to Medellín

Pictures of Medellín

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