Well, so i met my wife in London and lived my dreams. I think that it was the hope of everyone that attended remote year. In my lifetime I would have never guessed that I would marry a small town woman from Poland. I guess you could say that remote year was the longest, shortest, best year that I ever had and I cannot believe I met my love and my partner while traveling. I spend everyday with her and am fortunate to meet her family in Poland and I am grateful.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the Thames flows both ways. Thought that was pretty unique about England and especially when no one told you and you lived it.

Our group was supposed to go to Istanbul instead of London but changed our itinerary due to the terrorist events taking place there. London was a great experience because it was the first time on our trip we could semi understand the locals and what they were saying. I am glad we switched because I met so many great and special people at the Collective and I cannot wait to go back and visit again.


Winter Wonderland

Chris D’Elia British Dudes – We All Thought This Was Literally Hilarious

Pictures of Our Adventure in London

Beautiful Coastline in Dorset
Beautiful Coastline in Dorset
Battersea Reach
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