After a seemingly endless day of travel I finally made it to Prague 19 hours later. The first 11 hour plane flight was not too bad because of the awesome media interface Aeroflot provides. You can watch as many movies and TV shows as you want and it is all inclusive with the cost of the flight.

Arriving in Prague

When I arrived in Prague I was met by our Remote Year staff Jenna and Aline. It was a relief to find them waiting in the baggage claim area. After saying my hellos to the staff and some of the other Remote Year participants our van driver drove us through beautiful Prague to our flat. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice our new place is.

Our Flat in Prague

I have two roommates David and Montrey who are really cool. I think we will get along great because we all have a lot in common. I will post more about my roommates later.

May 30th, 2016

I went for an early morning run today and absolutely loved it. There is a park very close to my flat that has a ton of different running routes that I liked a lot. I was able to test out my new north face trail running shoes and they worked out great.

View from my Run
View from my Run

Mr. Bean

On the way back from my run someone parked a Mini Cooper along the street that had a picture of Mr. Bean taped to the passenger window. For those of you who don’t know who Mr. Bean is, he is a British sitcom actor created by Rowan Atkinson who famously drove a mini cooper in his Mr. Bean shows and movies.

A Picture of Mr. Bean Taped up in a Mini Cooper
A Picture of Mr. Bean Taped up in a Mini Cooper


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