I was very happy to see this bag on my doorstep today because Rick Steve’s claimed that shipping would take 10 business days. That would have made the bag arrive on May 26th and leave me not very much time to pack. Considering I am leaving on Saturday, May 28th. I am planning on taking 2 carry-on bags and packing as light as I can. I figure I can always buy what I need over in Prague if I really need to. I have not tried to see if everything fits in both bags.

If you are wondering which backpack I purchased you can find it here.

Rick Steve’s Rolling Backpack

Rick Steve's Europe - Rolling Backpack
  • Size - (Europe Regulation)
  • Compartments
  • Quality of Material
  • Durability


We will see how well this bag holds up over the next year. So far I am very happy that it will fit in carry-on on all the airlines that we will be taking. I will update my review as the year goes on.

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